The Basic Formula for Computing Your Tax Dollars is below:


(Appraised Value) X (Assessment Rate) = (Assessed Value)


(Assessed Value) X (Mill Levy) + (Specials/Intangibles) - (School Tax Credit) = Tax Due


Please Refer to the Homeowner's Guide to Taxes (PDF) for Further Explanation.


*A mill is a monetary unit equal to 1/1000 of a US dollar. One mill on a $1,000 assessed value will raise $1.00 in taxes. A mill levy of 156.071 should be represented by .156071 when using the above calculations.

The Records and Tax Administration computes the mill levies for each local taxing authority by dividing the portion of the taxing authority's budget that is property tax funded by the taxable assessed value in the taxing authority's service area.