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Wilson County Noxious Weed Dept.

Chemical Sales Policy


The following shall be the Wilson County Noxious Weed Dept. Chemical Sales policy.


1.         The Noxious Weed Department shall issue cost share certificates to the public equivalent to 25% of the chemical purchase costs.  Certificates are available first come, first serve, according to budget appropriations.


2.         The Noxious Weed Department shall not cost share more than 10 gallons of liquid chemical, 20 ounces of dry chemical or 40 ounces of Escort or its equivalent for the treatment of Sericea Lespedeza (or combination thereof) to any one landowner and/or farm operation.


3.         No chemical sales for the treatment of Sericea Lespedeza will be made before May 1st.


4.         All cost share certificates for chemical sales will be made during set hours in cooperation with the Road & Bridge Dept. and the Noxious Weed Director shall be contacted in advance with the applicable information for the certificate.


5.         If a landowner deems that he/she is entitled to more chemical for noxious weed control, they may contact the Noxious Weed Director to schedule an appointment for them to inspect the infested property and physically measure all weed infestations to determine if more chemical is warranted to treat noxious weeds only.  This method will be used only to treat areas that cannot be controlled by any other mechanical controls (i.e. – mowing, cultivation, burning, grazing, etc.).


6.         Pursuant to K.S.A. 2-1330, the County Commission & Noxious Weed Director shall have at all reasonable times, free access to enter upon premises and to inspect property, both real and personal, regardless of location, in connection with the administration of the state weed law.