1.      Person(s) who owe delinquent real estate taxes or special assessments in Wilson County are not eligible to purchase real estate at the tax sale.  All prospective bidders will be required to register and sign a sworn affidavit that they do not owe delinquent real estate taxes or delinquent special assessments according to the records of the Wilson County Treasurer.


2.      The parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, spouse, of a person who owns a tract in the tax sale is not eligible to bid on that tract. Each buyer will be required to sign an affidavit that he/she has no connection with the previous owner.


3.      The buyer is responsible for paying the sale price, the 2015 and beyond real estate taxes and the deed recording fee. There are no exceptions. Recording fee is $26.00 per tract.


4.      Terms of the sale are cash, personal check, money order, cashier’s check. The buyer will not receive a deed the night of the sale but will receive a certificate of sale.  Deeds will be recorded by the county and will be distributed shortly after the purchase funds have cleared and the sale is confirmed by the District Court.


5.      THE IRS HAS A REDEMPTION PERIOD OF 180 days on Item Numbers: 38, 42, 55. The deeds to that properties  will not be filed until after the expiration of that period.


6.      The properties will be sold in the order they appear in the paper. Some properties may be removed from the sale due to redemption or other reasons. The list is updated on the county’s website which is PROPERTIES ARE SOLD AS IS AND PURSUANT TO THE COURT’S ORDER THE SHERIFF IS CONVEYING TITLE TO REAL ESTATE ONLY. Any personal property that is located on the real estate is not being sold.


7.      The county reserves the right to set minimum bids on each property.


8.      The bidder is deemed to know which property they are bidding on and all sales are final.


9.      There are certain situations in which an action can be brought to set aside a judicial foreclosure and sale of property.  Generally, those actions must be brought within one year of the date on which the sale is confirmed. However, buyers are encouraged to seek legal advice before making improvements or other disposition of the properties.



10.   Prospective bidders will be required to register in advance.  Representatives from the Wilson County Treasurer’s office will be on hand in the basement of the courthouse beginning at 3:00 p.m. to provide to certify that bidders do not owe delinquent real estate taxes.  The Auctioneer will be on hand to register bidders and assign numbers prior to the sale beginning on May 12, 2016 @ 5:30.


Click on the link below for a listing of properties that are the subject of a tax foreclosure lawsuit filed in Wilson County District Court.  If the taxes, penalties, interest and costs are not paid, these properties will be sold by the County at a public auction.  The date for the sale will be set by the court.  Please note that some of these properties may have already been redeemed.